Welcome to Akili Capital

You’ve found us, or perhaps we’ve led you here!  Regardless of how you’ve arrived, thank you for stopping in to learn a bit about our firm, our team, and perhaps most importantly what drives us to serve businesses and families by providing sound strategic counsel.  Strategy is not something we take lightly; it’s not just an over-used word; it embodies who we are.  We can’t keep ourselves from seeking understanding of your desired outcome, recognizing the many moving parts and variables in play, and automatically beginning to arrange them in such a way that your path becomes clear.

So, look around a bit.  Read a few of our writings.  View a handful of videos.  Get to know us before you decide if you really want to meet us.  Then, if you do, reach out.  Shoot us a note; we’d love to connect and learn about you.  If there’s something we can do to add value to your life, that would be awesome.  In such cases, odds are, you’ll be adding value to our lives as well, which is also awesome.

Look forward to connecting!


Akili Capital Team